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Our Team

Advanced Family Surgery Center staff

Our select, highly-skilled physicians are committed to providing personalized services for both children and adults, and play an active role in each patient’s care. The nurses at the center are certified in both adult and pediatric advanced cardiac life support, and receive advanced training on an ongoing basis.


Joseph Bondranko, MD
Christopher Criswell, MD
Gregory Dunn, MD
Russell Frazier, MD
Craig Hamilton, MD
Edwin Scott Regen, MD
Stephanie Smith, MD
James Shanks, MD
Gregory Snodgrass, MD
Shannon Sorah, DO


Frederick Bunge, MD
Jonathan Hafner, MD
Brynae Laxton-Miley, MD
Charles Sewall, MD

General Surgery

Frances Cross, MD
David Long, MD


Kathryn Hayes, MD
Thomas H. Metcalf, MD
Adam Mabe, MD
Scott W. Peters, MD
Andwylynn Sances, MD


Daniel Branham, MD
Daniel Benson, MD
Sean Grace, MD
Cletus McMahon, MD
Michael Mackay, MD
Michael O’Brien, MD
Jean-Francois Reat, MD
Randall Robbins, MD

Pain Management

James Choo, MD


James Engblom, DPM